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Entry  18 Feb 2021, Pintaudi Giorgio, Bug Report, Unexpected end-of-file 
    Reply  18 Feb 2021, Pintaudi Giorgio, Bug Report, Unexpected end-of-file Screenshot_from_2021-02-19_15-41-23.png
       Reply  25 Feb 2021, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, Unexpected end-of-file 
Message ID: 2095     Entry time: 18 Feb 2021     In reply to: 2094     Reply to this: 2104
Author: Pintaudi Giorgio 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Unexpected end-of-file 
It appears that the issue is trigger by a nonexisting Event and Variable as shown 
in the attached picture. This issue can arise when restoring the ODB from a 
previous version or importing ODB values from other MIDAS instances.
It might be useful if the error message were more clear about the source of the 

> Hello!
> Sometimes when I mess around with the history plots I get the following error:
> [mhttpd,ERROR] [history.cxx:97:xread,ERROR] Error: Unexpected end-of-file when 
> reading file "/home/wagasci-ana/Data/online/210219.hst"
> I have tried the following without success:
> - Remove the MIDAS history files
> - Restart mhttpd and mlogger
> I do not know what triggers the error but when it triggers the above message is 
> printed hundres of times a second, completely spamming the message log.
> It happened again today after I set the label of a frontend too long making 
> mlogger crash. After fixing the label length, the above message appeared and it 
> does not seem to go away.
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