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Entry  18 Feb 2021, Pintaudi Giorgio, Bug Report, Unexpected end-of-file 
    Reply  18 Feb 2021, Pintaudi Giorgio, Bug Report, Unexpected end-of-file Screenshot_from_2021-02-19_15-41-23.png
       Reply  25 Feb 2021, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, Unexpected end-of-file 
Message ID: 2104     Entry time: 25 Feb 2021     In reply to: 2095
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Unexpected end-of-file 
> > [mhttpd,ERROR] [history.cxx:97:xread,ERROR] Error: Unexpected end-of-file when 
> > reading file "/home/wagasci-ana/Data/online/210219.hst"

I am puzzled. We can try two things:

a) look inside the "bad" hst file, maybe we can see something. run "mhdump -L 
/home/wagasci-ana/Data/online/210219.hst". If there is anything wrong with the file, it 
will be probably at the end. You can also try to run it without "-L".

b) switch from "midas" history (.hst files) to "FILE" history (mh*.dat files), the 
"FILE" history code is newer and the file format is more robust, with luck it may 
survive whatever trouble is happening in your experiment. This is controlled in ODB 
/Logger/History/XXX/Active (set to "y/n").

c) the output of "mlogger -v" may give us some clue, it usually complains if something 
is not right with definitions of history data.

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