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  1176   22 Apr 2016 Wes GohnBug ReportCalling external script from sequencerNevermind. I just had to give it a path to
my script. Now it's fine. 
  1193   07 Sep 2016 Wes GohnForumODB as JSON fileHi. Is it currently possible to automatically
save the MIDAS ODB as a JSON file?
I can do it manually in odbedit, but it looks
  1201   26 Sep 2016 Wes GohnInfomongoose v6.4 is ready for useSince updating to the most recent midas commit,
we get the following error if we try running
mhttpd without su privileges: 
  1261   14 Apr 2017 Wes GohnForummhttpd lagHi everyone, 

We have recently been experiencing a lot
  1309   27 Jul 2017 Wes GohnSuggestionIncreasing Max Number of FrontendsBelow are the steps we used to increase the
maximum number of frontends that we could
  1382   21 Aug 2018 Wes GohnBug Reportmserver problemHi. We've just updated our midas installation
to the newest version, and we now see repeated
errors from the 
  1245   27 Feb 2017 William MooreSuggestionanalyzer failing to load ODB parametersHi,

I am attempting to compile and run analysis
  968   23 Feb 2014 William PageForumdb_check_record() for verifying structure of ODB subtreeHi,

I have been trying to use db_check_record()
  1170   18 Mar 2016 William PageBug Reportincomplete copy using odbedit copyHi,

Attempting to copy a subtree to a new location
  1981   12 Aug 2020 Yan LiuSuggestionadding db_get_mode ti check access mode for keysHello,

I am wondering if there is a function that
  1983   13 Aug 2020 Yan LiuSuggestionadding db_get_mode ti check access mode for keysThank you!

  1888   26 Apr 2020 Yu Chen (SYSU)ForumQuestions and discussions on the Frontend ODB tree structure.Dear MIDAS developers and colleagues,

    This is Yu CHEN of School of Physics,
  1043   03 Mar 2015 Zaher SalmanForumStarting program from custom pageI am trying to start a program (fronend) from
a custom page. What is the best
way to do that? Would ODBRpc() do this? if
  1045   03 Mar 2015 Zaher SalmanForumStarting program from custom page> > I am trying to start a program (fronend)
from a custom page. What is the best
> > way to do that? Would ODBRpc() do this?
  1047   03 Mar 2015 Zaher SalmanForumStarting program from custom pageThank you very much, this is exactly what
I need and it works.
  1114   22 Sep 2015 Zaher SalmanForumStarting program from custom pageJust in case anyone needs this in the future
I am adding a comment about this issue. After
a few months of working
  1369   17 May 2018 Zaher SalmanForumembedding history in SVGI am embedding histories into a custom page
within an SVG,
  1993   08 Sep 2020 Zaher SalmanForumjson parser errorI am getting the following error alert in
a custom page whenever a run starts
  2096   24 Feb 2021 Zaher SalmanBug Reporthistory reloadI have a history that is embedded in a custom
page using
  2128   10 Mar 2021 Zaher SalmanSuggestionembed modbvalue in SVGIs it possible to embed modbvalue in an SVG
for use within a custom page?
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